Portfolio: Tunneling Systems for Drinking Water Treatment

Poseidon’s project involve large scale treatment facilities that require major piping efforts to transfer the large quantities of water that is being treated. Layoung piping in an eco friendly and non-intrusive way often involves tunneling.

The task of handling different soil types and terrains is a very delicate one. We cover this aspect of water treatment requirements by using the advanced technology offered by MTS our tunneling machines and services provider.

MTS covers the following ranges:

  • Auger Systems: an economic solution for soft soil (Sand, silts, clay) 
  • Slurry Systems: for difficult soil with high levels of ground water 
  • EPB Systems: in fine soils with low water permeability
  • Components: 
    • Steering Heads
    • Jacking Stations
    • Power Pack Container
    • Slurry Pumps
    • Flowmeter
    • Slurry Container
    • Separation Plant
    • Steering Computer
    • Laser – Target Guidance System
    • Gyroscopic Compass System
    • Theodolite Guidance System
    • Bentonite Mixer & Pump
    • Automatic Bentonite Lubrication System
    • Entrance Seal
    • Intermediate Jacking Station
    • Airlock
    • Pipe Brake
    • Gantry Crane
    • Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger