Portfolio: Joints and Fittings for Drinking Water Treatment

As part of every water treatment project, the smooth and secure flow of water before and after treatment is an essential part of the success and perfect running of the facilities.

A popular saying states that “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, in water treatment a pipe is only as strong and resilient as its weakest joint. For this purpose Poseidon has relentlessly surveyed the market and eventually partnered with Nova Siria joints and fittings manufacturers for high pressure pipes for over 80 years.

This allows us at Poseidon to offer you their full range of products such as:

  • Cast iron adaptable fittings
  • Cast iron flanged fittings
  • Cast iron end restraint fittings
  • Regular, Stepped and Flanged MultiGrip
  • NovaGrip
  • Steel adaptable, stepped and flanged couplings
  • Repair pipe joint in two pieces DUOFIT
  • Repair pipe joint in two pieces DUOFIT
  • Hot tapping coupling in two pieces DUOFIT
  • Hot-tapping collars
  • Special steel fittings

More on these products can be found on www.novasiria.it