Drinking Water Treatment Portfolio

Portfolio: Tunneling Systems for Drinking Water Treatment

Poseidon’s project involve large scale treatment facilities that require major piping efforts to transfer the large quantities of water that is being treated. Layoung piping in an eco friendly and non-intrusive way often involves tunneling. The task of handling different soil types and terrains is a very delicate one. We cover this aspect of water […]

Portfolio: Site Study for Drinking Water Treatment

  Drinking Water Treatment No efficient Water treatment project can succede without a proper site study prior to the implementation.Poseidon consistently approaches the projects head on by evaluating the site of the planned treatment plant along with its neighboring environement and ecosystem. Proper analysis of the soil, the vegetation and the animal life is conducted. […]

Portfolio: Joints and Fittings for Drinking Water Treatment

As part of every water treatment project, the smooth and secure flow of water before and after treatment is an essential part of the success and perfect running of the facilities. A popular saying states that “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, in water treatment a pipe is only as strong […]

Portfolio: GRP and Polyethylene Pipes for Drinking Water Treatment

Piping is a key success element to every water treatment facility. For sustained and continuous use of the facility, it is mandatory that the choice of piping elements respects the utmost safety, quality and durability standards. Glass Reinforced Plastic & Polyethylene pipes represent a major breakthrough and are Poseidon‘s choice for every project implementation. Seeking the […]